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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that aims to harmonize environments seeking the perfect moving of the vital energy, called CHI, as it fixes the negative points and attracts healthy energies.
The position of the furniture and the objects, the color combination and the use of the shapes and the items that are part of the decoration and mandatory to create comfortable environments, which cause feelings of inner peace and welfare, and help forward the good vibes that assist in achieving success in the main things that make up the human life: Relationships, Creativity, Friendship, Work, Spirituality, Family, Success and Prosperity.

From the conjunction of all these factors, came the Ba-Gua or Pa Kua, represented as a diagram with one trigram located in each side, reflecting a fundamental philosophical concept in China. The Trigrams are eight possible combinations of Yin and Yang in three lines (dashed meaning Yin and continuous meaning Yang). The Ba Gua is the union of these trigrams and serves to align where each type of energy is located in people and environments. Its application in Feng Shui theory differs from the original, because it takes into account the structural changes such as walls, doors and windows in the nature’s vibration, since it is believed that, like everything, good fluid gets in the environment through the front door.

The front door is symbolically regarded as the mouth of the house and the windows symbolize the eyes. The quality of the glasses that make the windows, doors, balconies and every else environment that allow the outside view from inside, is elementary for the vision and search for new horizons by the residents are not hindered. Hence the importance of applying the first-line glass, safe, complete and transparent as only Blindex ® is able to offer. The glass used in these elements of the house should also be kept clean, because dirt and haze hinder the passage of good energy inside and outside environment. It is important to remember that broken glass should be discarded and replaced as soon as the damage occurs.

From the practical view point of Feng Shui, it is enough to align the Work’s Gua to the front door to know which areas of the house the other Guas are related to. From there on, the work consists in adjusting and applying the “healings”, which are harmonizing procedures using shapes, colors, materials, plants and stones best suited for each Gua. The Ba Gua can be overlaid to the whole house’s architectural project or to each environment separately.

In addition to repositioning furniture and adjusting colors and textures to the environments, the intentional and spiritual factors are very important as they help to put focus on goals and everything that is desirable to be attracted to the life.

Cleanliness and organization are basic principles of Feng Shui, ever since the technique says that dirt and disorder scare off the good vibes. Keep drawers and papers tidy, get rid of things that are not used for more than two years and repair or replace broken items are simple and very efficient attitudes. Experts say, though, that when the house is being cleaned up, emotions and ideas are also clearer.

Besides the application of the Ba Gua advice, there are some simple strategies that smooth the movement of energy in the environment. In this sense, the mirrors are great allies. Considered by Feng Shui as sacred healing tools, each type has a specific function: The Ba Gua shaped mirrors, for example, must be used outside of the entrance to protect the house. Convex mirrors expand the narrow and the concave ones serve to reverse oppressive images. The mirrors that are the most commonly used are the decorative ones, which beautify and double positive images, enlarge small spaces and replace necessary positive energies that are eventually absent at any given time. Place them to the front wall where people usually sit, at the high end of stairs and aisles. The application must be careful so that the residents of the house are not reflected with the head cut. Glass objects like prisms and diffusers are also excellent to hold the good energy in the environment.