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Feng Shui at the Office

Given the pace of development we are currently witnessing, and the volume of work and duties performed, people have spent more time in the office than at home. Thus, whatever the working environment is suitable for formal professional activities; it is worth enjoying the week in a more pleasurable place. With this objective, the Feng Shui Theory can help to harmonize the work environment, whether at home, in a home office or business environment, as follow: 

  • The entrances whatever the building or the office must be inviting and beautiful; 
  • Never sit down with your back to the door and try not being turned to a wall, which can make you feel blocked, as if you couldn’t progress at work. If it is not possible to avoid that position, put a mirror in front of you; 
  • Bring from home objects that carry calm feeling, such as photographs or other objects that make you feel on touch with the things that you like the most; 
  • Positive thought is elementary, because it conditions the life positively. 
  • Find a spot at the wall to expose your achievements as well as those projects that you wish to accomplish, but did not have the opportunity yet; 
  • Surround yourself for your favorite color, which can modify drastic and positively your spiritual mood; 
  • Do not forget to apply the Ba Gua and seek the balance between the five elements: Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water. 
  • Keep your belongings and the environment always organized. Crowded and messed places tend to stuck life. Dispatch piles of things “to do” and place every single thing in its respective spot. Allow the Chi energy to freely circulate. 
  • Do not be afraid of moving things and make some mistake from the Feng Shui view point. There’s nothing that can be placed again in the correct spot. Remember that the space is yours. The important thing is that you feel the best as it is possible, because that will bring to abundance and good luck.