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Feng Shui in the Bathroom

The bathroom is regarded as energy robbers, and there are two main reasons for this placement. 

  1. The main function of a bathroom is to collect and remove all the impurities present in the organisms. Every time that the flush is auctioned or every time the bath water downs the drain, all of Chi energy in this place is also ejected and, worse still, when the bathroom door remains opened when these activities occur, the Chi energy present in the surrounding environments is sucked through the pipes and eliminated. 
  2. The predominant component in the bath is water, which has polarity Yin, or negative. The energy is much easier to descend than rise, and that tends to “push” the Chi energy out of the house.

Depending on location and quantities of bathrooms in a building, the trail of positive energy through toilets may cause the following problems on all residents and visitors.

  • Health problems and difficulties to recover when some physical problem occurs. 
  • Material losses, excessive spending and unforeseen 
  • Detritions of relationships 
  • Bad quality sleeping 
  • Problems at work or business 
  • Bad mood or anger 
  • Worries and mental disturbs 
  • Other ones.

To compensate this loss of Chi energy, the technique of Feng Shui recommends that the following measures are taken: 

  1. Keep all the bathrooms doors always closed; 
  2. Keep the top of the toilet always down and the drains closed; 
  3. Avoid the colors blue or black, as these colors regard water, already excessively found in these environments; 
  4. Place decorative objects made of wood or in the color green, that help to high up the energy; 
  5. Use plants, even artificial ones. Always aim plants that grow up “to the top”; 
  6. Use jars and objects made in ceramic; 
  7. Provide good lightening; 
  8. Use large mirrors; 
  9. Privilege colors gold or silver in the accessories; 
  10. Use candles and aromas of honey, eucalyptus or lavender; 
  11. Se objects in the yellow color or clay tones, that help to hold the good energy in the environment; 
  12. Keep the bathroom always ventilated and clean.