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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

In the theoretical universe of Feng Shui, the bedroom has the “status” of priority element. Its importance to the conjoint gets over than the expansive strength of the living room and the energetic effervescence of the kitchen. It has totally different respiratory and luminous peculiarities; working through the tenuous and rigorous balance of the entities Yin and Yang, and your spiritual health is a precondition to the healthy functioning of the whole system.

Inside the dorm, immersed in the atmosphere quietly introspective of the contact with the “cosmic I”, the human being finds the best conditions to reflection, consideration, self-criticism and self-knowledge. A decision taken in the bedroom is a final decision, with greater possibilities of success.

This environment should be provided with total balanced and perfectly matched respiratory flows and worth to preserve the daily activities and work to be done at the living room, kitchen or office. The usage must be restricted and the bedroom should remain close to resting or personal activities of the couple.

The following simple tips can be mentioned:

  • Provide high quality ventilation and lightening in profusion; 
  • Remove electronic devices, such as television, computer and telephone; 
  • Avoid using plants, which brings dynamic vibrations to the environment; 
  • Pastels and bright colors should be privileged. Choose light shades of Blue, Green, Yellow, Peach and White; 
  • Elect few and beautiful furniture; 
  • Geographical orientation should preferably be north / east to allow the absorption of light and heat emanated from the rising sun. 
  • Windows should be broad and wide as to allow light and air flow free and abundant. They have to count with adjustable blinds curtains that allow control of light and wind; 
  • It is important to have excellent sound insulation that enables to block external sounds efficiently. Must have, therefore, control of own resources in the light, wind and sound; 
  • The correct position of the bed is crucial for the user’s welfare, since it determines the prevailing airflow in favorable energetic areas, the internal stability and attracts positive forces; 
  • Feng Shui Theory first developed a simple but effective principle, in order to guide the best spatial arrangement of the bed: It should be positioned diagonally and furthest from the entrance door of the room, never in front of it. This cabinet must always be against a wall, which should not contain any architectural element, especially windows; 
  • Not only the position of the bed is important to Feng Shui, but also its quality and size are essential in maintaining harmony. In general, it doesn’t need to be too high neither too big. The best choice is a median heighted and median sized one. It is better if the structure is made with wood or metal. The headboard is an important element and must contain a solid support. Shelves and cabinets in the same wall of the head should be avoided because it brings spiritual confusion; 
  • As well as in all the rooms, the number one of the Feng Shui’s rules is also true for the dorm: organization and cleanliness make energy circulate better and keep problems or obstacles always away, so try making your bed every morning and avoid clothes scattered on the floor; 
  • Colors: Should be smooth and can be varied. The Lilac actives spirituality in addition to being considered an appropriate color for the healing. The pink activates romanticism. Green and Blue activate the persistence and hope for the future and day-by-day. Yellow is suitable to bring stability and it’s excellent for elderly people room. Orange and Red can be used if the profile of the user is dynamic and it identifies itself with these colors, once they activate the energy and can affect the sleep. Still, if you choose them, give preference to light shades.