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Feng Shui in the Kitchen

The house is the environment of the house where the food is kept, there the meals are prepared and where the familiar meet each other, where the daily talking happens, where the TV is watched or music is listened, as well as many other activities. Because of it, it is said that the kitchen works and transmits several kind of energies that are important for the residents: wealth, abundance, union, protection, comfort, communication and happiness.

The appreciation for this room in the house has accompanied humans throughout history. Early humans lived in nomadic groups and in order to protect themselves at night, gathered around campfire, which was also used to prepare the food.

At the early residences, there was only one big room, where aside, was placed the stove, the dining table and the bed. The kitchen as it is symbolically presented until the current days is as old as the civilization. Thus, it is needed to take care of the energies that circulate through this room.
According to Feng Shui, the kitchen must have windows to allow natural lightening and in order to make it more ventilated, which eases the circulation of Chi energy. Kitchen is synonymous of prosperity, wealth and abundance. The closets and counters, fruit guards and fridge should always be full, with a good amount of food, drinks and fruits.

It is very important that the colors green, yellow, red and orange are always present, ever since they regard abundance. Use these colors in some punctual decorative details. In the Feng Shui, there’s no standard color for painting kitchens. Any picked ones are always welcome, as long as it expresses the family’s profile.
Another symbol of wealth in the kitchen is the stove, because of the element fire. The stove is the banker of the house. Keep it always clean and every spot working 100%. If living in a double floored house, make sure that the bathroom are not over the kitchen and mainly over the stove. If it occurs, the toilet might steal the prosperity from the kitchen. The same works if the kitchen’s door is faced to some bathroom’s door. The solution is keeping the doors always closed.

In case of having a dining room, the kitchen must be the room aside. As bigger the distance, bigger might be the energy loss from the food prepared. It is not advisable that the kitchen is seeable from the front door.
Whether there is a dining table at the kitchen and as the table also regards prosperity, this Gua can be powered placing a full fruit guard and a median mirror hanged at the wall sideways the table, which will reflect and double the table’s prosperity.

Some simple tips might be mentioned

  • Keep the kitchen always clean and with good hygiene; 
  • Always have a fruit guard full of fresh fruits; 
  • Display natural flowers in the environment; 
  • Display utensils such as bowls, decorative shaped pans; 
  • Have containers full of herbs or cereals; 
  • Privilege the presence of the colors green, yellow, orange and red in the decorative objects; 
  • Always seek to provide good and suit lightening; 
  • Colors: The color that must predominate according to Feng Shui is white or any similar one. Leave the colors for the details, such as in an image or delicate object. For example: If using the color blue is desirable, use the light tones, the green ones will turn the kitchen welcoming and yellow with stimulate appetite.