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Feng Shui in the Living Room

The living room is an environment where, generally, occurs the biggest people circulation and, as a result, the circulation of the most diverse types and polarities of energy.

In order to balance this room, the Feng Shui suggests 

  • That the set of upholstery (couches and armchairs) do not have pieces “back turned” to those who arrive. If there isn’t the possibility of adjusting the proposed position, a trimmer might be used behind the couch with objects and plants to promote good energy flow;
  • That the provision f the upholstery is in “U” to great the visits;
  • That the corners of walls or pillars are avoided. For this, crystal dispersers can be used exactly on the edge or jars with tall plants to neutralize the shear effect of the vertical corner. 
  • That cold and relaxing colors are privileged in the inside walls, such as blue, earth tones (yellow, cream, beige, orange), so that the environment has an antidepressant effect. The ceiling should always be white.
  • The pictures can portray landscapes or academic subjects, which symbolize prosperous and beautiful places, and not tragic themes. For Feng Shui, the walls must be decorated with prosperous themes, of which the resident would like to be part of in a given time of life. In fact, for things to flow as desired, it is necessary to see good things, and not pictures that express hard work or dilapidated shacks.
  • Provide ashtrays for visitors, even if the anti-smoking is a principle guarded by the residents.
  • Chess or checkers trays can be arranged on the top of the central table.
  • If the position of the living room overlaps the Gua (position in the Ba-Gua) of friends, a circular carpet can be used;
  • Use curtains avoiding vertical or horizontal blinds. They fit nicely in commercial environments;
  • An aquarium is welcome in this environment, since it has relaxing function;
  • Avoid exposing stuffed or embalmed animals and frames with pictures of deceased persons.
  • Colors: Tones of brown, fawn, beige and yellow are shown to activate the element Earth. Remember that the details in the decoration as furnishing, carpets, curtains and objects should be prepared in accordance with the Gua where the environment is. Another color suited for rooms is green, because is the color of the Family’s Gua and the living room is the right environment for reunions.