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Blindex Revolution



Blindex® Revolution Hardware Line 5000.

In partnership with SBM, Blindex® has launched a line of hardware Blindex® Revolution with an exclusive and sophisticated design that combines modernity with a perfect finishing. Composed by brackets, hinges, locks and mirrors, the Blindex® Revolution Collection can be applied to doors, windows, partitions, balconies or any installation made with Blindex® strengthened glass.


Beauty and Lightness

The look of pure aluminum gives the pieces an air of modernity, with an excellent finish. I t also allows a wide range of color application, enabling innovative and original aesthetics solutions and further reinforces even more the materials natural resistance to corrosion.
And because of the anodizing process of the pieces, it is possible to follow the color pattern of aluminum frames that compose the project, making it visually very smooth.

Strength and durability

Entirely made of aluminum, the line Blindex® Revolution is highly resistant to external agents such as weather, ultraviolet rays, abrasion, corrosion and light scratches, what provides greater durability and facilitates storage.


One of the main features of the Blindex® Revolution Collection is inherent in its raw material: its high recyclability. After many years of a safe and efficient life, the aluminum can be recycled, with recovery of a significant part of investment and energy saving, as in the case of aluminum cans. Furthermore, the environment is received by the reduction of waste and cost of raw materials offered by recycling.

Installation and handling easy

Compared to other materials, aluminum has much smaller weight, which facilitates installation and handling, as well as having an appearance of lightness and sophistication.


Available in six options of finishes*:

* Special colors under consult

Every hardware from the Blindex® Revolution Collection has the Blindex® brand printed on each piece.