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Interactive Bathroom

The Interactive Bathroom allows you to see how Blindex® Box Options look in different settings. You can try changing the colour of the floor and walls to match your bathroom and then select the frame and glass colour that you think looks best.

Solutions for Architects

Blindex® for Architecture and Interior design professionals and specifiers.

Blindex® has the commitment to complement the specialization of professionals who act in the same area as the company, as long as they recommend the best application of the strengthened glass for each environment.

Because of it, we provide in our website relevant content for different professionals. There are several galleries devised by professionals, products suggestions, clues of usage, installation and maintenance, as well as reports and the latest market trends.

Solutions for Installers

Dear Blindex® Installer, 

Blindex® values the work of professionals who daily take the quality, the beauty, the security and the reliability of the Blindex® strengthened glass into the Brazilian’s house.

For this reason, it was created the Blindex® Training Program, which encourages the Blindex® dealers to promote the professional development of its employees.

Since the early deployment of Blindex® Franchise System, Blindex® has focused efforts on providing tools that help to strengthen the brand and help to increase the business of each Blindex® Resellers. The expectation is that Blindex® can always count on the best and most well-prepared national team of customer service within the segment in which it operates, further increasing the perception of quality of the brand Blindex®.

Solutions for Resellers

Access now the exclusive channel that Blindex® has developed exclusively to you, owner of a Blindex® store.

The Blindex® extranet has technical information, advertise, Blindex® training and installing handbooks, charts of sets, approved suppliers lists, events calendar, visual communication materials and much more. We hope to receive your visit again very soon. Good deals.