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1º Fórum transparência com elas

12 Mar 2020

Transparency with them - Blindex invests in initiatives to break paradims in yhe glass market and promote inclusion and diversity


A reference in industrial processes and safety glazing systems throughout South America, Blindex promotes an event to talk about women participation in the glass market.


Blindex continues to innovate and invest in transformative actions that promote an increasingly safe and transparent world. The brand which has been part of the daily life of Brazilians for so many years once again breaks paradigms and invests in the power of inclusion and diversity to bring up important debates such as leadership, entrepreneurship and women's empowerment in the professional market.


On March 05th of 2020, the 1st “Transparency with Them” Forum took place in São Paulo, an event that counted on the participation of businesswomen at the head of large industrial glass processing companies and manufacturers of glazing accessories, merchants working in the leadership of sales and technical teams of Blindex products in some of the more than 800 glassworks that defend the brand throughout Brazil, as well as collaborators and leaders from different departments of the national and international glass market.


Blindex is a brand belonging to the NSG Group, where issues such as inclusion and diversity are taken very seriously. The Group has a specific committee to deal with the issue in order to, among other activities, debate and propose actions for the inclusion and development of women in the labor market. The committee also develops projects aimed at ethnic minorities and people with special needs and invests in constant training for the development of people.


Glória Cardoso, Blindex's national sales and marketing manager, informs that “this event represents another step in Blindex's search for a world where transparency, justice and equality guide all the companies' institutional and marketing actions, be they large, medium or small. Because we believe that the great transformation is only effective when individual behaviors change, the 1st “Transparency with them” Forum took place to value women’s performance in the glass market in the face of business leadership in franchises, glass companies and Blindex licensed companies, in addition to businesses similar to Franchise System and meets the cascading strategy of some initiatives and concepts of the NSG Group for the other members of the Brazilian glass chain ”.


Promote inclusion and diversity, this is also Blindex.



Glória Cardoso

Marketing and Sales Manager - Pilkington and Blindex

Tel: +55 11 2413 3876

Mobilel: +55 11 9 9322-5952

E-mail: gloria.cardoso@br.nsg.com