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This line of products brings the quality of the Blindex® strengthened glass combined with the trail made in aluminum with a Blindex® exclusive design available in many different colors and with back cover that make the internal visual of your shower case more attractive and protects the whole system of pulleys.

Go to Virtual Bathroom and have an idea of how your bathroom will look with all options of Blindex® showercases.


Security lock

The unique Blindex® system of security locks prevents the doors from loosening the rails, both in handling the day-by-day and in case of a tough impact. This system was approved in the tests that simulate a person falling during the shower, ensuring that, if this kind of accident happens, the door will not fall on the person.


Informative sticker printed in the back cover 

From February of 2007, Blindex® aggregated one more way to ensure the originality of its shower case: That’s about the Blindex® sticker with the DNA code that can be found at the whole Blindex® Aluminium Collection. It contains many information about the handling and right maintenance of the shower case, beyond of the Blindex® customer service telephone number.

Identify Blindex


Armored Pulleys 

The pulleys of the Blindex® Aluminium are made from armored polyacetal bearing, which ensures an always smooth sliding and high resistance to humid environments.

This pulley system ensures a high level of security doors, excellent durability, and gives lightness and high performance operation.


Fixing System 

The fixing screws of the lower trails are made of stainless steel to prevent it from rusting, which could cause stains on the floor and /or bath.



  • Blindex® Strengthened Glass 8mm, plane, pattern or printed.
  • Finishing in aluminum in many different colors:  

Colour options 

  • For interspaces measuring from 0,67 to 1,47m.
  • Available heights: 1,80 and 1,90m.
  • Exclusive Blindex® logo printed in the glass.

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