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Glass Amorphous and solid substance that has glass transition temperature, made by a melt process of certain king of sand at high temperatures, which is molded into the desired shape. The term regularly refers to a transparent ceramic material usually obtained by cooling a body of liquid based on silica. 
Flat Glass Flat glass is a type of glass produced in plates commonly used in windows, doors, transparent walls and windshields of vehicles.  
Float Glass  Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past. This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces. 
Float process Process created by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1952, which produces clear glass, colored and metallic for buildings and colorless and colored for vehicles. The process, which originally produces only 6mm thick glass, currently, produces glasses ranging between 0.4 and 25mm. The raw materials are mixed and melted with precision in the furnace. The glass is molten to approximately 1000 ° C, and is continuously poured into a tank of liquefied, chemically controlled tin. It floats on the tin, spreading evenly. The thickness is controlled by the speed of the glass sheet that solidifies as it continues to advance. After annealing (controlled cooling), the process ends with presenting the glass and polished parallel surfaces. 
Security Glass  Flat glass which the manufacturing process reduces the risk of injury in case of breakage. There are three types of safety glass: strengthened, laminated and wireframe. They all have specific characteristics that allow them to be classified as such, differing from the others. 
Strenghtened Glass  Safety glass that presentes thermal and mechanical resistance about 5 times higher than the other glasses. Furthermore, in case of breakage, produces small, blunt and less sharo pieces, that do not hurt too much. The only glass that can be applied wihout using frames.  
Quenching Manufacturing process that consists in heating the glass to very high temperatures and then colling it down very quickly. 
Laminated Glass  Kind of glass composed by two or more pieces of glass with a layer of PVB in the middle. The safety factor is given by the elasticity of the material, ensuring strength and in case of breakage, broken glass does not come off the material. The surface of the glass remains impassable. 
Laminating  Adhesion of an intermediate layer of PVB or liquid polyester resin to the work piece. The assembly is prepared and placed in a special machine which is subjected to suitable temperature and pressure for the intermediate layer set on the glass. 
Wired Glass  Safety glass that has a grid of steel wire inside, which holds the pieces in case of breakage, preventing protrude into the air or create piercing tips. By maintaining their physical integrity after breaking the wire parts, as well as the laminate, cannot be pierced, so that even with shock, there is no way to a person falling through it. 
Blindex Glass Strengthened glass with 6, 8 and 10mm of thickness produced by Cebrace and strengthened by 15 Blindex franchisees spread thoughout Brazil. It must have the red stamp and the Blindex logo printed on the glass surface. 
Blindex shower cases  Set composed by Blindex glass and Blindex original kit for using in bathrooms. Must contain Blindex logo printed on the glass and the kit's surfaces.  
Engineering projects  Every Blindex glasses applications except the shower cases for bathrooms are called engineering. Ex. Closing porchs, partitions, doors, ant others. 
Blindex kit  Kit is the name given to the set of every structural pieces that, together with the glass, composes the Blindex shower cases.  
Frames  Frame means as any frame, usually made by metal (such as aluminum) with a lowering in the whole length of its perimeter in which glass plates fit for the production of windows, doors, etc.. It usually uses suitable mass for the plates to be set in frames 
Hardware  Structural pieces that, together with the the glass, compose Blindex engineering products