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Brand History

The famous Selo Vermelho, was already used from the time of Santa Lúcia Cristais and from then on it helps the Blindex® products identification. It has past for some graphical evolutions, accompanying every technological and marketing development that the band has past.

Blindex Brand History

Currently the brand Blindex® is a synonymous of beauty, quality, confidence, security, transparence, tradition, respect, resistance, good treatment and prestige for the Brazilian customers.

According to research made by the New Sense Institute in July of 2010, the brand Blindex® is top of mind with 25% of spontaneous knowledge and 42% of stimulated knowledge inside of the national territory.

Over the 60 years of history, Blindex® experienced continuous investments in production capacity and market development, which enable the brand to become synonymous of strengthened and security glass in Brazil and continue over time to be more present in the minds and houses of thousands of Brazilians.

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