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Why be a Blindex® specialized installer?

  • Only the Blindex® specialized installer is capable to offer a differentiated and standardized service in the whole national territory; 
  • The Blindex® specialized installer is trained and properly identified; 
  • The training improves the attendance to the final consumer.

Blindex® specialized installer certification

The trained installer must be employee or service provider of any Blindex® Resellers and will be certified only by those that have a signed contract with some Blindex® franchisee in the region. At the end of the training, the installer will receive a certificate and a Blindex® Specialized Installer identification badge valid for 12 months, when a new training must be taken.

What is the qualification of the Blindex® specialized Installer?

  • Basic knowledge about the glass and the security strengthened glass; 
  • Reading and interpreting drawings and sketches; 
  • Understanding measures; 
  • Use of measuring devices (measure tape, metric scale); 
  • Use of angles devices (square, plumb, level); 
  • Use of tools (drill bits and types of drills, screwdriver, wrench, allen wrench, pliers); 
  • Knowledge of the security rules in the handling and installing safety strengthened glass; 
  • Reading and comprehending the instructions handbooks provided by Blindex®.

For further information about the Blindex® Training Program, contact the Blindex® Reseller where your services are offered.