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The installer is the representative of Blindex® for the customer!

The Blindex® installer works inside the costumer’s home, in direct contact with it. Therefore, some simple, but important cares should be taken. Blindex® has some tips: 

Caring for the appearance and the standard of service

In order to turn the job more effective and the relationship with the costumer much more pleasant, the Blindex® installer must: 

  • Always be wearing uniforms; 
  • Keep the hair combed and the beard well done; 
  • Always be paying attention to the general procedures of hygiene and behavior; 
  • Always wear uniforms or white t-shirts and jeans pants; 
  • Use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Caring for not causing discomfort

For the visit to the customer’s home occurs as smoothly as possible, Blindex® recommends: 

  • Do not park in a prohibited place or in an adversely local that badly affects the movement of the other vehicles or people, or that will cause any discomfort to the customer that is being served; 
  • Introduce yourself to the customer before unloading the vehicle, according to the procedure suggested by the Blindex® introduction standard; 
  • Always wear a white t-shirt or jeans pants, which in addition to comfort, it also protects the legs at the time of installation. While it may seem harmless, using soccer team shirts or the ones that express political or religious beliefs can cause discomfort.

Introduction standard

The first impression is the one that can stay, therefore, it is essential to introducing yourself in an appropriate way. In order to smooth the approach of the installer and the costumer, Blindex® suggests:

  • Introduce yourself by your name, in a friendly way and tell the costumer the name of the Blindex® Reseller that your work for. This act delivers security to the costumer; 
  • Do not forget to greet the costumer with a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”; 
  • Ask the costumer’s name (or the person’s who is attending you) and treat him/her by the name. That makes it feel special; 
  • Ask the costumer for allowance to verify the place where the Blindex® product will be installed before unloading the vehicle and make sure that the way is free for the safe transportation of the pieces; 
  • Require that costumer remove the personal stuff from the bathroom’s counter in order to protect them from harming during the installation; 
  • Keep your materials and work equipments always clean and organized in a personal suitcase.

Watch your tone of voice and vocabulary

The Blindex® installer must keep an appropriate tone of voice and position himself with safely to the tasks that it performs. The following tips may help: 

  • Avoid speaking loud, giving the impression of aggressiveness. Avoid speaking too low, not transmitting self-assurance.
  • Be aware to the words, because not every ones are proper to certain persons and occasions. 
  • Be careful with some gests, that can give the impression of offense to the costumer, even if it is not the intention; 
  • Do not use slangs and treatment terms that represent intimacy; 
  • Avoid talking about the personal life and mainly about the eventual problems in the company; 
  • Never interrupt the costumer where it is speaking, even if it says something that you disagree. You must always wait the person finishes the line of reasoning to only then position yourself.

Always give a good first impression

The Blindex® installer must be gentle, friendly and helpful. It must answer all the questions that the costumer might have about the product and its functionalities, always reminding the tips as follow:

  • Never discuss with the costumers; 
  • Keeping the minimum 1m of distance from the costumer ensures the comfort for both sides; 
  • Be discrete and always have in your suitcase the proper material for cleaning the place. Owning an appropriate cleaning kit demonstrates care and worry with the costumer’s welfare.

What to do at the end of installation?

In order to finish the service in a satisfactory way, it is essential: 

  • Remove the paper stickers and the glue marks from the glass; 
  • Clean up residuals of Blindex® Fixa Box (sealant); 
  • Make sure that all the products and components were used in the installation. Do not leave any piece out; 
  • Clean up any residual of dust or other type of dirt that the installation might have caused.

What to do for well ending the visit?

For the visit to the costumer be perfect from the beginning to the end, it is very important that the five following steps are performed: 

  • Talk with the costumer and explain what was done. Show the product’s details; 
  • Give the cleaning and keeping Handbook to the costumer and enlighten it point to point; 
  • If the installed product is a Blindex® shower case, note that the user must wait 24 hours before using it for the first time. If the used sealant is Blindex® Fixa Box, only two hours must be taken before using. 
  • Inform the costumer that the Kit’s sticker shouldn’t be removed and that the instructions must always be followed; 
  • Inform the costumer about the need to submit the product to the preventive maintenance each 12 months. Deliver a business card to the client and position yourself available to answer any question; 
  • In case of shower cases, inform the client about the need to activate the Blindex® shower case warranty in the Blindex® website.

For further information about the procedures and standards of behavior specified by Blindex®, contact a Blindex® Reseller that your work for and ask a copy of the Blindex® Training Handbook.