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Care & Warranty

The safety strengthened glass Blindex® can be broken with rough handling, in cases of:

  • Violent impacts when opening or closing doors (for the Blindex® shower cases);
  • Excessive mechanical efforts;
  • Contact with tough materials, such as metal, marble, tile, granite, etc.


  • Avoid the chock between the glass and tough materials
  • Avoid violent impacts when opening or closing the doors(s)
  • Do not allow the kids to use the Blindex shower cases alone

In case of irregular function, contact a Blindex® Reseller immediately or call Blindex® customer service – toll free 0800 013 1234.

Cleaning Clues

To preserve the beauty of your Blindex® shower case, always keep it clean and dry, following the instructions below:

  • Never use abrasives products such as sandpaper, steel wool, etc.
  • Never use acids.
  • Never use knives or sharp objects to remove the labels
  • Use only water, soap or detergent or specific products for cleaning glass.
  • The permanence of water droplets after bathing can eventually cause water stains. So remove them keeping the Blindex® shower case clean and dry.


Every Blindex® shower case is accompanied by the cleaning and keeping handbook. Check yours whenever it is necessary or download it below.



  • After set it up, the shower case can only be used after 24 hours, the required period for drying the sealant. 
  • It is necessary that a review be done every 12 months, in order to ensure a good work.
  • Only a Blindex® Reseller registered on the website is allowed to do the review.
  • Use only water and neutral soap to clean the glass and keep it always clean and dry, since shampoo residuals and other chemical products can stain it.
  • No not allow kids to use the shower case all by themselves.
  • Avoid violent impacts when opening or closing the doors.
  • Never change original handle of the Blindex® shower case.
  • Avoid contact with rough materials, such as metal, marble, tile and granite.

Information according to ABNT NBR 14207.

Maintenance clues

The Blindex® shower cases must be submitted to maintenance, done by a Blindex® Reseller, whenever it shows any kind of irregularity.

  • Hard to open or close the door;
  • Broken door guide or excessive flexibility;
  • Low or high batters broken;
  • Excessive balance in the set;
  • Contact between the puller and the straight lateral door.
  • Hinge (Box Open);
  • Security lock.

Even if your shower case does not show irregularities in their functioning, it is advisable that it be submitted to a review, done by a registered Blindex® Reseller, at least once a year.

Information according to ABNT NBR 14207

In order to keep the beauty of your shower case, keep it always clean and dry, following the instructions given by the cleaning and keeping handbook.

Before buying

All the items mentioned bellow influence the choice of your shower case. Because of that, the Reseller must be aware about these details before finishing your order. Watch them carefully before making your purchase:

  • Shower direction is important to hit the sticks of the glass that should be more than 25mm to avoid water leakage. 
  • Face the toilet not hinder entry into the box
  • The existence of footnotes, registers, cabinets and windows have influence in the design of the shower case.
  • Prepare the bathroom to get the installation of the shower case, leaving it dry and having the project of the hydraulic design of the place, thus preventing holes are made in places where pipeline passes.  

In case of breaking

  • Discontinue use immediately
  • Separate 500g of broken glass to fragmentation analysis
  • Contac the Blindex® customer service to record what happened


When contact the Blindex® customer service, please have:

  • Where the purchase was done
  • Invoice and/or product order
  • Time of use
  • Date of the last maintenance