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1 What is float strengthened glass?

The float strengthened glass is the float glass also known as safety glass. It is about any type of glass manufactured by the floating process, where the raw material is almost liquefied and lay over a bed of melted stain, floating and spreading itself down, seeking its natural level, being shaped as a flat and continuous sheet. While sliding controlled and slowly along the course of hundreds of meters, the dough will naturally cooling. Fueled, in sequence, to the annealing furnace, undergoes to a standard heat treatment – annealing. The surface is inspected for quality control, for computers, and finally cut into sheets. The final thickness is defined by varying the speed at which the sheet moves in the path.

The process produces a float glass surface without ripples, eliminating then the visual impairment inherent to the previous process, called “stretch”, since the frit glass is literally dragged over the rollers.

The color of the sheet can then be chosen and cut in the shape and size as desired. Then comes the stoning, the cutting and drilling if is necessary. After these operations, the piece of glass follows for strengthening.

The glass is placed horizontally or vertically n the furnace, ensuring that the piece does not have the undesirable mark clamps, and subjected to a temperature about 600ºC. At this point, it receives a quenching through a system that blows pressurized air over it, generating a state of tension.

The strengthening process is irreversible. Once strengthened, the glass cannot suffer any kind of cutting, stoning or drilling.

2 What is printed strengthened glass?

The process used by Blindex® for manufacturing screen-printed glass is called “heat”, through which a ceramic glaze is applied to the sheet and then passes through the strengthener for these pigments incorporates therein, making it a screen-printed glass.

Combining the nobility and durability of the glass with images and plots, the imagination can come up. The Blindex® screen-printed glasses combine the beauty of textures and colors to the durability and strength of strengthened glass. The designs are fused to the glass surface, and its covered area is infinitively variable and can even be customized in colors and patterns.

3 What is patterned strengthened glass?

This glass doesn’t come from the float. Because of it, has it is manufactured in its own furnace using a different technique. This is a translucent textured flat glass, what means that, presents designs (standards) on its surface, which is printed over it while it is still hot.

Also known as fancy glass and whenever used on the Blindex® Collections, it is strengthened. It is characterized by a wide variety of patterns (different textures) and translucency with an excellent and evenly light diffusion.

These glasses are obtained by patterning cylindrical roller mills, printed on one or both sides of the sheet. The level of the light diffusion varies with the pattern that is chosen.

4 Should I submit my Blindex shower case to any kind of preventive maintenance?

Yes. The Blindex® shower case must be submitted to annual maintenance (every 12 months) to ensure a well functioning of the shower case. Consult a Blindex® Reseller and arrange a visit.

5 Does Blindex strengthened glass shower case break?

Yes. Every product that uses strengthened glass (whether a shower case for bathroom, whether furniture, partitions walls or an area closure) presents the risk of breakage. The difference is the way how this glass shatters. First of all, the strengthened glass is a safety glass, what means that in case of breakage, it breaks into little and less sharp small pieces.

6 Where should I buy Blindex products?

Always seek an authorized Blindex® Reseller, suggested by the website store locator or by the Blindex® customer service, available on the toll free 0800 013 1234. The registered Resellers are the only ones approved by Blindex® to sell its products, ensuring a perfect installation, following ABNT technical rules.

Many glass stores offer Blindex® products, but only the authorized resellers are trained and actualized to ensure a good service and the perfect functioning of the installed products.

7 How can I obtain more information about the products?

Every detailed information about Blindex® products lines can be obtained clicking here.

In case of the right answer to your question is not available on the website, please contact some of Blindex® Resellers and schedule a visit or forward us the form through Talk to Blindex® .

8 How can I be a Blindex Reseller?

Blindex® Resellers are evaluated, approved and after registered, after being analyzed by the Blindex® franchisee that is responsible for each region. The list of franchisees with all the data can be accessed in the franchisees map. Alternatively you can also fill up the form showing us that you are interested in being a Blindex® Reseller. The form is available by clicking here. We will contact you as soon as possible.