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There's nothing as good as appreciate the scenary. Blindex® View System has just come out.

Blindex® is the right choice for balconies glazing and closing environments in general.

The View System is a full solution, which includes every needed components to the best glazing projects, beyond the Blindex strengthened glass, that ensures elegance and transparency to preserve the the environment's luminosity with the safety that only Blindex is able to offer.

For further information, consult one of Blindex® resellers in the store locator.


  • Blindex® quality and reliability
  • Full, tested and approved product
  • Blindex® strengthened glass security
  • High mechanical and thermal resistance
  • Appreciation and lightness of the environment
  • Suitable for various sizes and format of balconies and porches
  • Convenience in cleaning
  • Blockade against the rain
  • Support wind pressure
  • Sound insulation 


  • Blindex® strengthened glass: 6, 8 and 10mm, plane, patterned or solar control glass (this last option of glass, gives even more thermal comfort).
  • Security: In case of breakage, produces blunt and less sharp fragments (ABNT NBR 14698).
  • Available in the colors: green, colorless, gray and bronze. (*availability under consult in each region).
  • Printing: matte, white, black, blue and salmon.
  • Exclusive Blindex® brand printed in the glass.

Design, implementation and glazing applications for building meeting ABNT NBR 7199/1989.

The NBR 7199 recommends, for this application, that a security glass must be used, strengthened or laminated. When a strengthened glass is used, Blindex® recommends an application of a safety layer.


  • You need to set a datasource in the properties for this to work.

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