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Shower Cases


Blindex® shower cases Collection
With creativity and neatness, the bathroom becomes a welcoming environment for relaxation and wellness. A modern place that shows the profile of the householder.

Elegance, versatility, comfort, convenience and safety. 

Thinking about it, Blindex® created the most complete line of shower cases for bathroom and count with the best and most knowledgeable team of customer service.


  • The only one that comes with the original Blindex®.
  • Sheave with bearing and security lock.
  • The only brand that fully meets the ABNT NBR 14207. 
  • All items of the Box are unique Blindex®.
  • Has a handbook for cleaning and keeping.
  • Has a system of care through the national Blindex® Reseller and Customer Service 0800 013 1234.


Every Blindex® shower case is accompanied by the cleaning and keeping handbook, which brings all the information and recommendations for better conservation of the Blindex® shower case.

Refer to it whenever necessary, or download it by clicking here and do not forget, even if your shower case does not present any irregularity, it is essential that the Preventive Maintenance is done every 12 months.

The Blindex® Resellers are trained and qualified to ensure quality and safety that only Blindex® can offer you.Therefore, always consult a Blindex® Reseller by clicking here.

Go to Virtual Bathroom and have an idea of how your bathroom will look with the options of Blindex® Showercases.

Blindex® shower cases meet the ABNT NBR 14207.

The product is composed by:
  • Safety strengthened glass (nominal thickness 8mm).
  • Aluminum structural shapes (kit) in the Classic and Aluminium Collections of shower cases.
  • Stainless structural shapes (kit) in the Inox Collection (Trail, Max and Style).
  • ABS Components, polypropylene and metal (kits).

Choose the Blindex shower case

Find out the Blindex® shower case that matches better with you:

Blindex® Aluminium Collection

  • Aluminium de Canto®Blindex
  • Blindex® Aluminium Frontal
  • Aluminium Sobre Banheira®Blindex

Blindex® Classic Collection

  • Blindex® Classic Frontal
  • Blindex® Classic de Canto
  • Blindex® Classic Sobre Banheira
  • Blindex® Classic Dual Door
  • Blindex® Classic Open 


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