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The facades are closures of interspaces that separate the internal and the external environments of a house or building. Because of its transparency and security, Blindex® strengthened glass is one of the most commonly used materials in facades projects, whether commercial or residential. Its application allows the view of existing landscapes in the external areas of the environment making the architectural project a success. For further information, consult one of Blindex® Resellers in the store locator.


With Blindex® strengthened glass, your façade gains a safer, more modern and beautiful look.

The Blindex® strengthened glass ensures privacy, security, acoustics, transparency and refinement needed in the facades of the buildings and houses, allowing a better interactivity with the external areas of the environment.

  • Privacy with luminosity.
  • Unique and modern Standards.
  • Regular and well defined textures.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Disguise scratches and dirt.
  • Remain beautiful for much longer.
  • Improve room acoustics.


  • Blindex® strengthened glass 8 and 10mm, plane, printed or patterned. 
  • Security: in case of breakage, it  produces blunt and less sharp fragments (ABNT NBR 14698)
  • Available in the colors: green, colorless, gray and bronze. 
  • Printing: matte, White, Black, blue and salmon. (*availability under consult in each region).
  • Exclusive Blindex® brand printed in the glass.

Design, implementation and glazing applications for building meeting ABNT NBR 7199/1989.